Age & Sun Spots Old

Spending time in the sun can be one of life’s pleasures—but not when it damages your skin and contributes to age spots. If you’re noticing blemishes and dark spots that weren’t there before, you should know that you have options.

Age spots, also referred to as liver spots, are dark spots on the skin that occur on sun-exposed areas. Age spots result from an excess production of skin pigment called melanin. Skin aging and exposure to ultraviolet rays are contributing factors to age spot production, which most commonly occur from the age of 40 onward.

What does sun damage look like?

No matter how diligent you are about sun safety, as you age you’ll inevitably start noticing the damage sun can do to your skin. Burns and frequent tanning can lead to uneven skin tone and marks on your face that don’t seem to fade. Sun damage might show up in the form of age spots ranging from light brown to red or black, freckles, and melasma, a discoloration caused by the body overproducing melanin after being directly exposed to sunlight.

What our my treatment options?

Sight of Beauty offers a variety of treatments to help remove and reduce age and sun spots. State-of-the-art laser procedures, medical products and other treatments can reduce the appearance of these spots faster, easier and less painfully than conventional treatments used in the past and with little to no downtime.

If age spots, sun spots or skin discolorations are a concern of yours, contact Sight of Beauty to schedule a consultation to determine what type of treatment is best for you.

The Significance of Beauty

Beauty is not only a central source of joy. It also possesses a great significance for the development of personality, especially in a moral sense.

Genuine beauty liberates us in many ways from the force of gravity, drawing us out of the dull captivity of daily life.

"At the sight of beauty the soul grows wings." - Plato