Eyelash & Eyebrow Care

RevitaLash® & RevitaBrow®

RevitaLash® lengthens, thickens, and darkens eyelashes for a more natural look. Developed by ophthalmologists, RevitaLash® works by conditioning your existing lashes and protecting against breakage. RevitaBrow® works similarly to improve the appearance of your existing eyebrows. The active ingredient, biotin, stimulates hair growth. With regular use, RevitaBrow® will leave you with natural, full eyebrows after a few months.


Microblading is a permanent makeup procedure used to correct or reconstruct eyebrows. The process is done with a hand tool that uses fine needles to deposit pigments into the skin, creating the look of full, natural brows. The first session usually takes around 2 to 3 hours, during which the technician will shape your brows to your liking. Many clients return for a follow up session after 4 to 6 weeks for any minor touch ups. The effects of Microblading last from 1 to 3 years depending on the skin type and age. It is important to follow proper skincare techniques after the treatment to reduce fading.

The Significance of Beauty

Beauty is not only a central source of joy. It also possesses a great significance for the development of personality, especially in a moral sense.

Genuine beauty liberates us in many ways from the force of gravity, drawing us out of the dull captivity of daily life.

"At the sight of beauty the soul grows wings." - Plato